Thursday, June 4, 2015

Product Review of Mom's Place Gluten-Free Corndog Mix

I know hot dogs aren't the most nutritious food in the world, but every once in a long while it is fun to have one.  I always spend the extra money and get all-beef hot dogs.  They are worth the money.  My daughter and son love corn dogs, so it was fun to find this mix.  We loved the taste and I am rating the mix at 9.5.

Preparing these corn dogs was difficult for me, however.  I couldn't get the batter consistency correct.  It wouldn't stick to the hot dogs properly, and I had to press it around the hot dog.  Then I tried adding more water with the hope that it would work better, but it didn't help and made it worse since it wouldn't adhere at all.  It was worth the struggle though, and even though the corn dogs aren't as pretty as the gluten kind, we didn't care. :)