Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Gluten-Free Food in Israel; How to Buy My Cookbook

If you decide to plan a trip to Israel, here are some suggestions for gluten-free food that worked for me when we went there.


We loved going to a place called Nazareth Village, where they have re-created what Nazareth may have looked like at the time of the Savior. There is an amazing olive press.  There is a person who portrays a shepherd, a weaver, and a carpenter. They had a full-size replica of a synagogue.  We were able to enjoy a lunch that might have been similar to one from Christ's day.  We had lentil soup, plain yogurt (which they kept separate for me since the yogurt they usually serve has bulgur), hummus, and a delicious dip called Zaatar with sesame seeds that I was able to use with the GF crackers I brought along. 

In the Galilee area near Chorazim, I was delighted when Tibi's Restaurant brought out a hamburger with a gluten-free bun.  They also told me that 70% of their menu items are GF.  

At Masada, the restaurant had a buffet that might have worked better than what I did. I chose a baked potato with egg salad on top.  I had never tried those together and I preferred dipping my crackers in the egg salad and avoiding the potato, which was not very tasty.  I got a stomach ache after the meal.  

In Jerusalem, I was able to eat at a restaurant near the Western Wall In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City and they had the words "Gluten Free" on their sign, which was a beautiful sight. I went to this restaurant twice and loved it!  I was able to try falafel and pita bread, along with pizza and a delicious beet salad.

At the Museum of Israel in Jerusalem, they had a wonderful sandwich shop that had a delicious beet salad and gluten-free Swiss cake.  Oh, so good!  

In the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, I was able to eat at a restaurant that worked well. The sign was written in Arabic, so I am not sure of the name of the restaurant, but the meal included chicken and various salads.

The Hebrew Gluten Free Restaurant Card from came in handy several times, and my gluten-free granola bars and trail mix both worked well for snacks. It was a great trip! 


I haven't quite know how to go forward with my cookbook.  Right now, I have the cookbooks in my garage and have decided to continue selling them through stores in my local area.  I just couldn't feel settled about setting up a PayPal account.  Perhaps that is because I don't feel that I have time to ship the cookbooks myself.  So, if you want to buy my cookbook, please continue to order through  Thanks for your support.