Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review of Mom's Place Gluten-Free Pound Cake, Brownies, and Wonderful White Bread Mix

Mom's Place Gluten-Free has won my heart for their amazing mixes.  I had the opportunity to sample three of their products this last week, and they are DELICIOUS!!

Buttery Pound Cake Mix was smooth and silky with a perfect texture and great flavor.  It stayed moist for days.

Mom's Best Brownie Mix is a great solution for my chocolate craving.  I still hold to the idea that chocolate is an anti-oxidant...don't you? :)  Yum!  These are wonderful.

Wonderful White Bread Mix is sooo good that you kind of feel like you are cheating and eating bread with gluten...and you're not!!  It has a beautiful shape and a soft texture.

I suppose you can tell that I am excited about these tasty products...and I am rating them at 10 out of 10. Gluten-free mixes can be quite expensive, yet these are priced lower than the other brands of mixes I have tried.

Check out their great website and especially their "Gluten-Free Kids" tab with all of their fun ideas.

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