Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gluten-free Food at In N' Out Restaurant and Taco Bell

Finding gluten-free food to eat while travelling can be daunting at times.  We went out of town for our son's graduation, and while we were waiting for the convocation to begin, we decided to grab a quick lunch at the food court of the university.  The food court had Subway sandwiches, Freschetta pizza, Taco Bell, burgers, soup and salad, along with a few other gluten-filled possibilities.  We checked on the soup and salad, but the soups had gluten.  They said the salads were a possibility, but they also sold wrap-ups, and the cross-contamination factor was huge because many of the salad ingredients were going into the wrap-ups.  We realized our only choice was Taco Bell.

I quickly googled "Taco Bell gluten free" on my phone to find out what we could eat.  I knew that we had ordered tostadas before, and it worked out well.  The only thing I could find on their website that didn't have gluten was a Cantina Bowl (chicken, steak, or veggie).  I couldn't see those anywhere on the menu.  By this time, we were at the cash register and it was time to order--with people standing in line behind us.  Don't you hate the pressure you feel in that situation?  We quickly ordered tostadas because they are listed as wheat-free on the web site.  We didn't get sick, so that was a relief.

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Later that day, we had to resort to fast food again because we had a long drive ahead of us.  We went to In N' Out restaurant and ordered a low-carb hamburger (make sure to tell them that you have a sensitivity to gluten when you order).  We had a delicious lettuce-wrapped burger, with fries and a tasty shake.  (I didn't say this was a healthy meal. :)  

(Photo Source:  google images)

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  1. Another mall choice is chick fil-a and the waffle fries there are gf. Not a lot of other options though...I think there is a salad too.