Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Burger King Fries...Gluten-free or Not?

When we travel, it is always tricky to find food that is gluten-free.  The wonderful thing is...there are more and more restaurants that are willing to work on a gluten-free menu.  For example, check out this link to see what Little America in Salt Lake City is doing to accomodate those of us on a gluten-free diet:

My daughter loves to get Burger King French fries when we travel, because she knows we can't eat them at our local Burger King.  They haven't conformed to corporate Burger King's policy to cook the French fries in a separate fryer with cooking oil used just for French fries.  (Our first clue was when our French fries came with a breaded onion ring).  I called corporate Burger King and hope they will help our local Burger King to realize how important it is to get the problem rectified. 

After writing the above paragraph, I decided to see how things are coming along.  I can't wait until my daughter gets home from school, because I just called our local Burger King to see if they have done anything about the separate fryers for the French fries, and they now have two separate fryers for their French fries!  Yes!!  She will be soooo excited! 

Well, now I feel a little silly about typing the paragraph about how we are deprived locally and love to get BK fries when we travel (since we can now go just a few miles down the road from our home), but I suppose it could be helpful for someone.  :)  The main idea here is to ask each Burger King restaurant how they are doing at keeping the oil separate for breaded food.  See the following link for the gluten-free foods on Burger King's list, and be aware of the warning (which can be found on their web page) listed after the link:

Actual gluten content may vary depending upon the supplier, product handling and each restaurant’s food preparation practices.

Has anyone tried a gluten-free Subway sandwich?  I am wishing I could head on down to Texas--where they are experimenting with gluten-free bread--to try it out.  See the following link for a little more information about what Subway is doing:

I did try a Jimmy John's "Unwich," which is a sub sandwich wrapped in a lettuce wrap.  It was good.  :)

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