Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Flooring Saga Continues!

OK...this is the last post about the flooring.  Good news and bad news today.  The good news is that we should be good to go on the damaged particle board by the sink and dishwasher by using a bleach treatment and Kilz paint instead of chipping it out an inch at a time.  The bad news is that we will likely have to replace our entire back patio doors (frame and all), because they are the cause of the leaking and thus the mold in the particle board there.  The other bad news is that the valve broke off of the plumbing part under the sink when we were unhooking the dishwasher hoses.  Luckily, our hardware store is open until 8 p.m., so I can get the part we need and my husband will replace it.  I admit I am spoiled by my dishwasher!  I may end up washing our dinner dishes by hand with my girls, who love the bubbles.  It will be all right.  Luckily, dinner worked out tonight because I was able to get Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs in the oven early this afternoon.  Yum!  There's another bright spot in the day.  We need all the good news we can get.  :)

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