Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interesting Yahoo Health Article

My mother-in-law sent me the link to this fascinating article.  I have seen a variety of results for people when it comes to weight loss/gain while on a gluten-free diet.  The majority of those in our family lost weight when we went on a gluten-free diet, but I would guess that is partly due to the fact that we went off of dairy products the first two years as well.

I love the increase in good gluten-free products as a result of more people on gluten-free diets.  Even though I like the convenience of picking up a loaf of Udi's or Rudi's, I still love that warm homemade bread fresh out of the oven.  Try my Whole-Grain Bread (P. 42) or Quick Rice Bread (Pgs. 42-43) when you get a chance.  Make sure to use small bread pans; they are worth the money.  These recipes are sure to please.

By the way, I hope to include a photo of our living room with the new flooring in a future blog entry.  The only problem is...the living room floor is covered with the furniture/kitchen table from the room next to it.  I guess there is opposition in all things, 'cause just when we were giddy with excitement about how great the new flooring looks, we found mold under the old flooring by our back doors.  Aargh!  Life is still good, though.  :)

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