Friday, February 3, 2012

Help Me to Encourage Wal-Mart to Sell Gluten-Free Great Value Chips

At our family reunion last summer, my brother-in-law--who works at Wal-Mart's corporate headquarters--chose the chips for one of the meals.  Exhibiting admirable loyalty for his company, nearly every bag of chips was the Great Value brand.  :)  Unfortunately, Great Value chips have a cross-contamination warning on them, so the three of us with celiac disease were unable to eat the chips.  I asked him if he could help to get these chips gluten free, and he told me to send him an e-mail and he would forward it on to the appropriate person.  Here is the e-mail I sent: 

"I have celiac disease and it is quite difficult to find a variety of snacks at Wal-Mart since most crackers, etc., contain wheat flour.  If possible, would you consider ensuring that your potato chips and tortilla chips are gluten free, without cross contamination?  I would greatly appreciate your help, and I feel confident many others throughout the nation who have a wheat allergy or celiac disease would also be grateful for this change.  Thank you very much."

My brother-in-law wrote the following addition as he forwarded my e-mail:

"FYI…a message from a customer/friend among the “celiac army” who are asking that we consider making our private brand potato chips and tortilla chips gluten free."

He also wrote to me the following:  

1.       The product development team is looking into it.
2.       To make this happen, I’d encourage you to have people call in to the number below to make sure it gets on our radar as a customer concern/want.


Here is the e-mail my brother-in-law received back regarding getting the chips gluten free:

"Many of our snack suppliers do have gluten free seasonings, at present we do not have a formalized list or a plan in place to add a gluten free statement to package but we are looking into the possibility.  Thank you for bringing the below customer request to our attention.

"If our customers are interested in assisting us with adding urgency to this project, they need but make their voice heard through our customer connections hotline (number on each GV package – 1-877-505-2267)."


So...let's form a celiac army!  Please call the phone number and let them know that you want Wal-Mart chips to be gluten free.  Also, I will forward all comments I get on my Facebook page ( to my brother-in-law to forward on to the appropriate manager.  Please send it on to all of your gluten-free friends.  We can make a difference!

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