Friday, December 28, 2012

Product Review of Mom's Place Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

This mix is quite good and is easy to prepare.  I chilled the dough overnight and I decided to roll it out on parchment paper.  I tried doing it without dusting the parchment flour with gluten free flour (which is specified in the instructions :).  The dough rolled out easily, but removing the cookies was another story.  It was a sticky mistake.  So, my daughter scooped up the dough and got it off the parchment paper, and we started over on a new piece of parchment paper that was dusted with gluten-free flour.  It worked much better and we were able to remove the cookies with ease.

The mix directions specify to roll it out to 1/2 inch thick, but I prefer to roll them out thinner and add more frosting. :)  These cookies have great flavor, but because they are a little bit dry, I am rating them at 7 out of 10.

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