Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recipe for Honey Garlic Wrap-Ups

It is always nice to have a few recipes that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.  This is a quick recipe if you use the convenience ideas stated below.*  I also love how healthy this recipe is...because of the added vegetables.  My husband came up with the sauce recipe, and I love it!  You can find this recipe in my cookbook on Page 105, though additional vegetables are in the recipe below.

Honey Garlic Wrap-Ups

1-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts* or 1 can chicken chunks
cooking oil
2 cups cooked rice*
2-3 cups cooked cauliflower and broccoli*
4 sliced mushrooms
1/2 cup diced onion
1/2 cup diced green pepper
2 teaspoons crushed garlic
¼ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
1/2 tablespoon butter or olive oil
½ cup honey
gluten-free corn tortillas
ranch dressing
tomatoes, diced
avocados, diced
romaine or butter lettuce

  1. Prepare cooked chicken.  *I like the convenience of baking five or six chicken breasts for one hour at 350 degrees, with a small amount of water added to the covered baking dish.  After the chicken bakes and cools slightly, I use one or two chicken breasts for this recipe, and freeze the rest for other recipes that call for cooked chicken chunks.
  2. Unless using canned or baked chicken, slice chicken breasts into strips and cook in oil.  Slice mushrooms.  *Add 2 cups of water to a blender, along with peeled onion (about 1/2 of an onion) and 1/2 to 1 green pepper.  Blend to chop finely and pour off water by using a strainer.  (Or use a food processor to chop onions and green peppers into small pieces.)  Fry mushrooms, onions, and green peppers until tender.
  3. Prepare cooked rice.  *Uncle Ben's Quinoa and Brown Rice with Garlic is awesome.  It comes in packets that are microwaveable and warm in 90 seconds.  So easy!  (Make sure to read the label because some types of Uncle Ben's rice have gluten).
  4. Prepare cooked broccoli and cauliflower.  *There are several brands of microwaveable broccoli/cauliflower packages available and cooking time is about 3-4 minutes. 
  5. In a glass measuring cup or small bowl, add garlic, salt, vinegar, butter, and honey. Microwave until combined and more liquid.
  6. Pour sauce over chicken, mushrooms, onions, and green pepper.  Add cooked rice and broccoli/cauliflower.  Fry for several more minutes.  Make a wrap using a warmed corn tortilla topped with cooked chicken, rice, and broccoli/cauliflower mixture and add ranch dressing, tomatoes, avocados, and lettuce.  Yum!

Serves 4 to 6 

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