Saturday, August 24, 2013

Burger King French Fries...and an Onion Ring?

Since we were diagnosed in 2003, I have enjoyed Burger King French fries occasionally.  I had checked the website several times to confirm the fries were gluten-free.  Several years ago, I noticed an onion ring in my French fries.  I called Burger King headquarters and they were helpful and our local Burger King was more careful after that.  It happened again a few days ago as we were in another state on our way home from our trip back East.  Unfortunately we discovered the onion ring after our daughter had eaten some of the French fries, and she got a stomach ache and several other symptoms.  Now the website has an asterisk by the words "French fries" and states:  "These products may be fried with gluten containing foods."

It is disappointing, though I understand that it would be difficult for every restaurant to have a dedicated fryer for French fries.  It is also a lesson to me to check websites from time to time to make sure whether restaurants have changed their allergen statement.

(Photo Source:  google images)

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