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Gluten-free Menu Plan and Cookbook Corrections

I hate not knowing what to fix for dinner, so I knew I wanted to include a menu plan in my cookbook--and I am glad I did.  I LOVE it!  I am flexible in my planning, however.  Sometimes I want to add a soup into the list, especially when it is cold weather.  Sometimes I am not in the right mood for chili, even though I love the chili recipes.  Here is the menu plan, along with a list of soups to choose from:

Main-Dish Menu Ideas

Week 1
1. Baked Whole Chicken
2. Beef Stroganoff
3. Sweet and Sour Meatballs
4. Fried Fish and Irish Nachos
5. Tacos and Chili Relleno Casserole
6. Shrimp Stir-Fry
7. Easy Vegetable Noodle Casserole

Week 2
1. Roast Beef
2. Chinese Noodles
3. Baked Potato Bar
4. Chinese Sweet and Sour
5. Seasoned Pork Chops
6. Parmesan Cheese Chicken
7. Chicken Fettuccine

Week 3
1. Grilled Steak
2. Taco Salad and Quick Chicken
3. Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
4. Hawaiian Haystacks
5. Bacon Ranch Hamburgers
6. Alfredo Pizza
7. Honey Mustard Chicken

Week 4
1. Steak Fajitas
2. Pineapple Chicken Lo Mein
3. Meatloaf
4. Spaghetti
5. Red Spanish Rice with Roast
6. Hot and Spicy Chicken
7. Paprika Chicken

Week 5
1. Lemon Chicken
2. Shepherd’s Pie
3. Grilled Salmon
4. Beef Enchiladas
5. Pizza
6. Thai Red Curry
7. Sweet and Sour Pork

Week 6
1. Sweet Pear Pork Chops
2. Japanese Style Chicken
3. Marinated Italian Halibut
4. Pork Roast
5. Green Chili Tacos
6. Barbecued Chicken
7. Baked Potatoes with Chili Topping

Week 7
1. Prize-Winning Chili
2. Sweet and Sour Chicken
3. Chicken Strips
4. Salt and Vinegar Chicken
5. Slow-Cooked Roast
6. Tortilla Wraps (see Tortilla
Wrap Ideas in Main Dish section)
7. Chicken with Sweet Lemon Sauce

Week 8
1. Rich and Cheesy Halibut
2. Barbecued Meatballs
3. Ground Beef Gravy with Potatoes
4. Chicken Fajitas (see Steak Fajitas
5. Italian Chicken
6. Omelets or Mexican Sausage Bake
7. Honey Garlic Chicken

Week 9
1. Creamy Romano Chicken
2. Easy Quiche
3. Fish Tacos with Sweet
Cucumber Salsa
4. Magnificent Steak Burritos
5. Parmesan Pork Chops
6. Red Sauce Creamy Enchiladas
7. Choose a Soup

Week 10
1. Barbequed Chicken with Smoked
2. Flavorful Baked Fish
3. Lemon Basil Chicken
4. Lasagna
5. Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs
6. Easy Chili
7. Tasty Sweet Pork Mexican Salad

Cold Weather Soups

Substitute in place of another menu item
when desired.

Clam Chowder
Sausage Kale Soup
Thai Noodle Soup
Cream of Broccoli Soup
Enchilada Soup
Fiesta Soup
Baked Potato Soup
Chicken or Turkey Noodle Soup
Chicken Taco Soup
Beef Taco Soup
Turkey Burger Soup
Curried Chicken Rice Soup
Minestrone Soup
Cream of Rice Soup
Potato Bean Soup
Potato Cheese Soup
Best Cream of Tomato Soup
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Corn Chowder with Sweet Potatoes
Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Egg Drop Soup
Fabulous Italian Sausage Soup
Russian Borscht
Savory Leek Soup
Sensational Tomato Basil Soup
White Bean and Chicken Soup

Ingredient Cookbook Corrections for First Printing:  

I wish I could say I am perfect, but unfortunately I am not.  Neither is my publisher, though they are very good and make few errors.  :) are some cookbook corrections you might find helpful, and are pretty important to the recipe.  I will happily e-mail a second set of minor corrections for any of you who want to correct spelling errors, etc.  Just contact me at

P. 20 Fluffy Oven Pancakes:  the first ingredient should be 1/3 cup butter. Please delete 1/3 cup butter as the last ingredient of the Best Waffles recipe.

P. 21 Caramel Syrup:  two ingredients are missing from the bottom of the recipe.  There should be 1/2 cup buttermilk and 1 teaspoon vanilla added to the bottom of the ingredient list.

P. 31  Orange Cranberry Muffins:  orange, unpeeled--not peeled (so it has orange zest included in the muffin)

P. 44  Xanthan gum should be 2 tablespoons.  Step #4 should state "loaf pans."  Bake for 42-54 minutes.  Add:  Makes 2 loaves. 

P. 64  It should be 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, not 1/2 garlic powder

P. 76  Tasty Sweet Pork Mexican Salad:  Step #2 should read "Drain all but 1/3 cup water" instead of 1 1/2 cups water.  Otherwise it ruins the entire flavor because the sauce is diluted.     

P. 101  Leave out 1 cup water and 1/4 cup cornstarch

P. 138 Step #6 should have as the first line:  "Pour 1/2 cup sauce over bottom of 9 x 13-inch cass. dish."  (This keeps the tortillas soft--instead of hard as a rock when you try to cut them.  :)
P. 173  Carrot Cake:  Step #1 should have the oven temperature at 350 degrees.  Step #6 should read "bake 43-48 minutes." 

P. 166  Grease the baking dish before adding the crust.  :)   

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